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SoundScan comes out every Wednesday. And while I don’t believe it is still a good barometer of success in today’s music industry (sales no longer equals level of popularity), it is a good measurement of legitimate music sales.

I found this interesting…these are sales for THIS past week only:

33% of Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV sold at chain stores; 6% at indie retail; 34% mass market; and 24% digital

36% of Jay Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne sold at chain stores; 10% at indie retail; 19% mass market; and 32% digital

14% of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way was sold at chain stores; 5% at indie retail; 43% mass market; and 33% digital

19% of Beyonce’s 4 was sold at chain stores; 6% at indie retail; 52% mass market; and 18% digital

37% of Game’s RED was sold at chain stores; 10% at indie retail; 25% mass market; and 25% digital

22% of Eminem’s Recovery was sold at chain stores; 2% at indie retail; 19% mass market; and 55% digital

16% of Rihanna’s Loud was sold at chain stores; 2% at indie retail; 35% mass market; and 44% digital

18% of Adele’s 21 was sold at chain stores; 3% at indie retail; 46% mass market; 29% digital

17% of the Total Top 200 Sales were at chain stores; 4% at indie retail; 37% at mass market; and 30% digital

Let’s look at somebody LESS pop:

52% of Z-Ro’s Meth was sold at chain stores; 11% at indie retail; 0% at mass market; 37% digital

Some of what I noticed:

· The gap between where pop music sells, and rap sells, is closing not widening.

· Surprisingly, even a street artist like Z-Ro is selling 37% digitally. Last year, such an underground street album would have been half that, or less, in digital sales. He’s getting no love at mass market, probably because they didn’t press clean versions for WalMart. Why would they.

· The more pop an artist is, the higher level of sales occur at mass market, except surprisingly, for Gaga.

· Almost half of Game’s sales were from chain stores and indie retail. For such a “street” artist, I was surprised.

· Digital still only accounts for 20% to 50% of sales, as much as they try to convince us that digital downloads are “IT.” I definitely see it going that way, but it’s not here yet. Or, everybody is still downloading music for free on the sly…

And in general rap sales, here’s where the following artists are with legit sales:

Lil Wayne in week #5 has sold a total of 1,384,785

Ye and Jay in week #7 have sold 902,275

Game in week #6 has sold 176,492

Eminem (solo) in week #67 has sold 4,040,150

Z-Ro in his first week sold 5,436 (double Trae’s first week sales)

Wiz Khalifa in week #27 has sold 580,333

Big Sean in week #13 has sold 218,825

Tyler the Creator in week #21 has sold 129,015

DJ Khaled in week #10 has sold 123,264

Techn9ne in week 16 has sold 144, 692 (great for an indie label)

Gucci + Waka in week #7 has sold 39,765

Lupe Fiasco in week #29 has sold 467,930

Rick Ross in week #63 has sold 670,898

Mac Miller in week #26 has sold 54,248 (not bad for an indie)

Yelawolf in week #44 has sold 67,377 of a free mix cd

Waka Flaka (solo) in week 51 has sold 298,075

Jay-Z Hits Collection in week #44 has only sold 172,487

B.O.B. in week #74 has sold 570,162

Curren$y in week 13 has sold 46,843 (Weekend at Burnie’s, not Pilot Talk)

New Boyz in week 19 has sold 40,811 (why can’t Warner ever get it right?)

Kendrick Lamar in week #13 has sold 20,619

Gucci Mane in week #27 has sold 79,672

Pimp C in week #11 has sold 17,503

Theophilus London in week #10 has sold 7,950 (yet has banging endorsement deals and press that ive seen everywhere)

Snoop in week #26 has sold 110,386

WuTang in week #10 has sold 21,627

Jadakiss in week #18 has sold 32,299

Gorilla Zoe in week #15 has sold 26,532

Cool Kids in week #11 have sold 12,639

Lloyd Banks in week #44 has sold 123,987 (Capitol? C’mon)

Trae in week #11 has sold 8,626

J Rock in week #9 has sold 11,293

RaeKwon in week #28 has sold 70,718

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