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The Republican party is to politics what reality shows are to TV.

I blame George Bush the second. Before him, Republican presidents at least SEEMED to be “for the people.” At least they weren’t OPENLY trying to hook up their cronies or make extra loot for their corporate donor friends overtly as a sideline.

But along came George who seemed simple and regular, and he overtly showed the world there was financial gain and benefit to being President. He also showed regular folks that if he could win and run the country then ANYONE could. He lowered the bar.

The next wave brought the crazies and the nutjobs. Candidates who were uneducated, and unsophisticated in the ways of politics. Just as reality tv stars showed America you don’t need all those years of pesky acting classes, or a decent script–and fuck doing it for the love and passion of acting when you can get fame and money. “Anybody can do it” became the mantra.

And so it transcended into politics as well.

And now we as a society are blanketed with nutjobs running for President. Would a Sarah Palin, a Rick Perry, a Michele Bachman have been taken seriously as candidates in the 90s? Doubtful.

And I don’t mean to slam the Republicans. I have no party affiliation. I think they all suck and all need to be restructured from the ground up. Fire everybody and start over. In fact, two parties isn’t enough to represent the thinking and beliefs of 300 million Americans. Let’s open it up others. But that will never happen. There’s too much money at stake.

So we’re often stuck choosing the lesser of the evils instead of the best candidates to lead us. No wonder most of us don’t vote. Have a lever for each party and then a lever that says “fuck you.” Bet the voters would turn out in record numbers to voice THAT opinion…

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