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After I saw the footage of the NYPD high ranking officer mace the 3 corralled women in what appeared to be an unprovoked act of aggression (and excessive force), I wondered “where are the artists?” Why aren’t they involved? Why aren’t they as outraged as I am?

I’m dumbfounded that Russell Simmons can spend a day with the protesters but recording artists have yet to take a stand. How can Russell see the value of leveraging his fame in solidarity, but musicians and rappers cannot? How can Russell say “I want to pay higher taxes than my staff,” and you not hear him? You don’t see how BIG that is?

I’m a bit encouraged because this morning I saw a video by an Alabama rapper whom I’ve known for awhile (although this is the only song by him I’ve ever heard). Some fan took his song and made a protest video out of it and now it’s making its way around the web. Here it is: http://t.co/jjVQGHZc

At least SOMEONE is trying to make a theme song for this movement.

Are you motherfuckers so busy shopping at Gucci and sipping on $50 shots of Cognac that you don’t see what’s happening on the streets anymore? People are broke and messed up…as millionaires in clubs are beefing over Ciroc and Goose…clubs that cost hundreds of dollars to get into that night.

Get a clue. That era is over. You are officially part of the problem. And if you don’t wake up soon, your fans are going to abandon you to join with the 99% that REALLY represents them.

Here’s hoping artists will get the urge to pull up in their tour buses and serenade the protesters–excuse me, demonstrators, and use their fame and star power to support folks who are so fed up that they’ve been willing to sleep outside for weeks and risk arrest to make their dissatisfaction know.

Power to the people. I give a fuck about the 99%. I am the 99%.


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