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When the revolution comes, they’ll not only want to know what side you’re on, but what side you’ve been on.

I’m watching these Wall Street protests skeptically. As delineated by so many news outlets, we’re not quite sure what these protesters want. But one thing we do know is they’re angry, that 1% have all the money and they’ve got next to nothing.

Which side are the artists on?

If they were true artists. If they were self-calculating artists. If they were as smart as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, they’d pull their buses up on Wall Street and get out and play, get all that free ink, show which side they’re on.

That’s the fallacy in the argument of the rich. That they can be wealthy without us. But they depend upon us to buy their goods, to keep the economy going. America is us, the workers, white, black, brown and yellow, left wingers and Tea Partiers. And it’s these same people keeping the acts alive.

But all the acts are doing is bitching they can’t make enough money, that their music is being stolen, they’re looking for some fat corporation polluting and avoiding taxes and sending jobs overseas to pay tour support, to add to their bottom line. It’s like being the court jester. The beer companies and all the rest of the corporations being tapped for cash, they don’t care about the artists, they only care about themselves.

People are hurting. This is not a one party issue. This is a human issue. This is a fight over the future of America.

I’m not saying you can’t be rich.

But you’ve got to pay your taxes.

How much should they be?

Let’s have a debate.

But when people are losing their homes, their jobs, everything they’ve saved, and you don’t exhibit compassion, you don’t reach down to help them, you’re on the wrong side.

There’s a fascinating story in the L.A. “Times” how MTV has retooled itself for the future (http://lat.ms/olaTZ2). It’s basically hype, but the underlying point is times have changed, all those shows about the rich lifestyle don’t resonate with today’s kids. MTV is revamping. How come the artists are not?

Isn’t it funny that MTV jettisoned music and is now hipper than the musicians?

Not to give the channel too much credit, but if you’re overcharging for tickets, if you’re not siding with your customers, you’re gonna get hurt in the coming months and years.

I’ve been pissed about this gap between rich and poor for years. Because it stifles ambition. Why make the effort if you can’t get ahead?

And if you think the American Dream still exists, you probably live in Europe, the odds of going from the bottom to the top are much worse here.

But suddenly this is a hot issue.

And where are the acts?

Nowhere to be seen!

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