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I just received a great newsletter by email from Speech at Arrested Development. (

I yack endlessly about the necessity of interacting and updating your fans one on one, regularly. Not only do you need to stand out, but you need to update your busy fans about what you have going on. And you need to do it in a way they will care about.

A few weeks ago, I received a nice email from Speech that was personalized to me (it was a real email, not a form email) letting me know what he’s been working on. He was reaching out to me to make a connection. He did. We chatted back and forth a bit and I left the conversation knowing more about what he’s been up to lately. I was connected and interested in him and his projects. I want to see him win. I like him. I have a connection with him now that I never had before, not even when Everyday People was my favorite song of the moment to sing along with (always loved Arrested Development’s videos).

He then added me to his email list and sent out a well designed and interesting newsletter. It updated me on what he’s been doing, included stories about group members and team members, had a section of photos for me to peruse, and offered a way to forward and view the newsletter in my browser (great for folks like me who check email on a device like an iPad). There was even a way to sign up for his newsletters right there in case I wasn’t already on the list. Again,

This is a hugely successful newsletter. I spent over 15 minutes looking at it. I didn’t think about YOU for 15 minutes today (unless you are Machine Gun Kelly, MVP, TechN9ne, or CandyMan).

I also receive monthly newsletters from comedian Lewis Black. It allows me to keep up with his show dates (I travel a lot and if he’s in a city where I am, I’m buying a damn ticket), read portions of his new books when they come out, catch YouTube videos of his segments on TV talk shows I’d never normally watch, and buy Lewis Black gear (yes, I have a mug, every CD and download, every book, and every DVD). I probably spend $1,000 a year on Lewis Black just from receiving his newsletter. I didn’t spend $1,000 on YOU this year. It’s the only way his name hits my way-too-busy brain. If I didn’t get that email every month, I’d think about him far less and certainly spend less money with him. Not because I don’t want to, but because I have no access to him other than that email.

If Young Jeezy had a monthly email, I’d be the #1 reader and proponent of it. He could turn me from a rabid Jeezy fan (I am, I am) into a Jeezy stalker by that one slick move. He has no newsletter. You can find it at http://www.RappersLeaving (that’s in my sarcastic typeface).

I like Gabriel and Rodriguez ( I found them one day a few years back by accident. I think I was at my Mom’s house and caught a Jay Leno performance. I googled them on the spot and signed up for their email–three or four albums ago. They have the best artist website I’ve ever seen. It’s not fancy, but everything an artist needs to convey to a fan like me is there. Because they aren’t rappers, their newsletter is TRULY the only way I have to hear about them. I’m too busy to remember to go to their website otherwise. Once a month, I think about them and spend time seeing what they are doing. I’ve bought everything they’ve ever released. I like them and want to support them.

So, why aren’t YOU doing this? Why don’t you have a monthly email newsletter and a great website that you update regularly so that your biggest fans can think about you more? And most importantly they will spend money with you.

I’m gonna take my own advice on this one and start my own monthly newsletter now that I have books to promote. In today’s world, the ONLY way to succeed is to build relationships with your fans one on one and this is one small, but successful way to do so. What are you waiting for?

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