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I realize in speaking with my wealthier friends that they really don’t understand #OccupyWallStreet. They think it’s a bunch of protesters saying “Fuck rich people,” which to them is as if they are saying fuck them. So let me clarify it here, and maybe I am getting it twisted, but I don’t think so.

Occupy Wall Street isn’t against wealth or capitalism. It’s against excessive GREED. It’s against corporations making decisions that hurt people, to increase their profit.

The protesters are against mortgage companies acting as scavengers with sub-prime loans so they can break them up and package them so investors can bet on them failing or not failing, and profiting off those bets (causing a worldwide recession). The true point of a mortgage is to put people into homes, not to profit on the casino gambling of them…

They are against oil companies spilling oil in the ocean and calling it an “accident” when the reason the spill occurred was because they didn’t have the proper warning and prevention systems functioning because it would have them make a smaller profit to keep those systems in working order (and we’re talking billions in profit here vs a few million for upkeep).

They are against airlines charging for every little thing they offer (we buy an already expensive ticket and then pay for a decent seat, we pay to board early, pay for luggage so we can bring clothes, pay for food so we can eat on a 6 hour flight–soon we will pay for air to breathe while in flight, etc) while spending millions of dollars to lobby lawmakers to ease restrictions so their millions in profitability can increase.

They are against corporations controlling the government since it was established for “we the people.”

They are against doctors lying and doing operations that wealthy patients don’t really need while taking kickbacks to prescribe certain unnecessary medications, so the doctor can get a fat check, while the uninsured can’t get life saving operations.

They aren’t mad because you are rich! They may even hope that they get rich themselves someday. They are against the excessive greed that exists today and how selfish this country is becoming. Everything has become about money, especially for corporations!!

I went to buy eyeglasses yesterday because my prescription has obviously changed. I can’t see well (that was my first clue). After Lenscrafters informed me they can’t put new lenses in my existing expensive frames, they were happy to sell me brand new glasses for $400. They kept adding on charges for stuff I didn’t need, pitching me on why I needed it, using scare tactics. At one point, the sales person sucked in her breath and said “gee, I hope nothing goes wrong with these glasses because you’re turning down the extended warranty…”. I remember when companies stood behind their product whether you bought the extra $69 policy to “protect” you or not.

Even at the eye doctor, instead of saying the eye exam is $100 and here’s what it includes (and offering everything they want to sell) they chose to nickel and dime me and upsell me from a $49 exam to a $99 exam, with extra options of stuff I obviously would want! WTF!!!!! I could have been charged $100 initially and been perfectly happy, or $100 at the end in upsells and extra charges, and feel cheated! I feel cheated.

We’ve become a country obsessed with making money by any means necessary, even fraudulently. And THAT, my wealthy friends, is what #OccupyWallStreet is against. Aren’t you, too?

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