Ditto For Older Rappers

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Bob Lefsetz just said in an article about Paul McCartney:

“Despite the reproduction of press releases in mainstream media, despite the reviews of said album in same, no one really cares. That’s the dirty little secret of being a classic rocker, you’re done, you’re toast, only people your age have any desire to hear your new music, and most of them don’t either. Which is why you’ve got to make it easy.”

This is true for the older rappers as well! The ones whose careers peaked in the 90s. Kids today (the majority of music consumers) aren’t buying their music, and fans like me want to hear their hits from the 90s and remember the great era of rap that was then….not now.

So while you read Bob Lefsetz’s blog (reprinted in the previous post on my blog), know that while he’s talking about McCartney, it’s ditto for rappers whose careers have already peaked and are now declining. You have fans, find them. Stop hitting the mainstream. That’s no longer your niche. You’re wasting your money and your time. You’ll find some new fans, but it won’t warrant the expense…

I’m just sayin’!

Sorry if this was an “ouch!” moment….

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