David Choe, Facebook Millionaire

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So, have you heard the Howard Stern interview with Graf artist David Choe?


Apparently, he was chosen by Sean What’s His Name of Napster fame to paint a wall mural at the Facebook offices in the early days of Facebook. He hated the idea of FB, but was so impressed with Sean that he agreed to do it.

He was given the choice between FB stock or $60,000 and even though he says he needed the money, he chose the stock. His gut told him Sean was onto something….

The recent IPO puts David Choe’s net worth somewhere between $100 million and $500 million. Anyway, he was interviewed on Howard Stern on 2.7.12, and while I’m not sure I believe EVERYTHING he is saying to be true, it’s a very interesting interview….


It’s 6 parts. I got through all 6 last night…something I NEVER do….it was that interesting.

This isn’t something you want to pull up at work or with young kids around you. He kicks it off talking about jerking off in a Japanese prison and goes on from there….lol

Pretty amazing interview of a guy with a fascinating life. Made me feel stupid about all the time I spend at home playing on my iPad or watching TV….

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