Grammys Beat The Superbowl. By, Bob Lefsetz

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“According to Bluefin Labs, the Grammys earned 13 million social comments. That breaks the record from last week’s Super Bowl and absolutely dwarfs every other entertainment event from the last year.”

THAT’S the power of music!

Enough with the hogwash about how the Internet killed the music business. People care more about music than even sports, which are supposedly all about participation.

Read this article, look at the graphics, it’s brief and easily comprehensible.

The bottom line is we’re sitting on a gold mine. People are engaged with music, they’ve got opinions, they care. The Internet has allowed fans to become ever closer to musicians, the gap has closed.

The public has turned the music business topsy-turvy. It hasn’t eviscerated it so much as realigned it. Doesn’t matter what the fat cats say, nor traditional media, it all comes down to what the people think.

P.S. The Grammys may have forgiven Chris Brown, but not the public, most of the comments on social media were negative! Meanwhile, he appeared on the telecast twice. Shows that Ken Ehrlich and CBS are out of touch.

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