This Industry Is Waaaaay Over Saturated

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We need a thinning of the herd– something that occurs naturally in Nature, but doesn’t seem to happen in the music industry.

This was not an extremely busy week, yet I received:
+47 EPKs, press releases, links to artist pitches from publicists (46 of which I do not know and never heard of, so I probably should have said “publicists”)
+314 links to music or videos from artists directly via email, Facebook, and Twitter +18 requests to mentor someone
+4 job resumes even though I’m not looking to hire anyone, nor do I need interns
+1 offer to help me with my company in exchange for industry knowledge and experience (smarter approach than begging for a job as an intern)
+3 offers to give me 50% if I get them a record deal (are you fucking stupid???? Did you even research to know that I have built a career “protecting” artists from doing stupid deals?)
+4 complaints from artists about labels or managers they signed to and now want their freedom because they realize they signed fucked up deals. These involve labels or managers I’ve never heard of, which mean local bullshit “companies” that aren’t real companies that have had any track record of success in the music industry (someone PLEASE explain to me why an artist would sign to someone with no music success!!!)
+1 second hand complaint from a friend at a magazine who knows of an artist who got jerked by a known label owned by a rapper who’s no longer hot. This group now wants their freedom because they realize they signed a fucked up deal. This also isn’t a real company with any track record of success in the music industry–but is a label “owned” by a famous rapper made successful by a major label. They don’t even have a distribution deal for their “label.” So the group signed when they thought they could jump on the famous rapper’s bandwagon…and now that his career has cooled, they want out.
+450 emails or tweets from rappers, producers, and singers asking me basic entry level questions or to “just listen” to their music (which I do not do). 4 mentioned having read my book, and the remainder asked me questions that ARE answered in my $6 book.
+98 email blasts of music from e-blast companies. I recognized 16 of the artists names who were blasted to me. +28 emails from producers trying to sell me beats.
+1 email from a close friend whose opinion I respect with his new artist’s first song (I listened immediately and it’s quite good).

So, I don’t write about artists, I don’t put artists on, I’m famous for telling folks to build a buzz and let me come to them, I don’t own a label so I can’t buy songs, tracks, or sign artists, and I don’t listen to or critique music–I haven’t for 15 or 20 years.

If I’M getting this much shit thrown at me, what are the bloggers, journalists, labels, and magazines getting? I stopped sending email newsletters because almost 20,000 of you signed up to receive more info, and I’m not spending that kind of money to email folks that won’t even be around a few months from now.

How are you going to stand out? If your answer is that your music is better than everyone else, you may as well go get a job today. You won’t make it in this business. Being better is not enough. It’s a great start, but just that…a start!

If you don’t learn HOW to succeed in the music industry, do you really believe you are lucky enough to Forrest Gump your way into a successful career when NO ONE on the Billboard Charts ever has?

Study those who got on before you and actually have experienced some success in their careers. How’d they get their deals?

Wendy Day
Rap Coalition
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