Greed, By, Chris Capp

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My sister’s favorite person in the world wrote this, and it resonated with me, so I decided to print it here on my blog…. -Wendy

Greed. By, Chris Capp

Some might be inclined to believe that I am jealous of the rich, or in someway maladjusted, because of my disdain for Republicans and the right wing. The fact is; this couldn’t be further from the truth. I have led a near idyllic life for the past 25 years, spending summers on an island off the coast of New Jersey, and winters on an island in Florida. I have been what most would describe as “lucky in love”, i.e., I get laid a whole lot! And, unlike the stereotypical, dysfunctional married couples; I am still very close friends with the vast majority of my previous lovers. I’m a relatively well-adjusted individual, realizing my strong points and weaknesses and finding balance and contentment in both.

I think the main problem I have with conservatives and the right, is their greed and self-centeredness. This whole thing of making “socialism” a bad word is really just a manifestation of that greed and selfishness. Wealthy people who are worried about others benefiting from their wealth are just antisocial pigs, plain and simple. The poor and ignorant, that are afraid of Blacks and Mexicans getting their money, I find disdainful, but almost forgivable, compared to the intelligent rich, whose piggishness I find truly deplorable!

I recently received an email breaking down the amount of money received from the Federal government for Hurricane Katrina, into amounts for individuals; i.e. roughly a half a million dollars for every man woman and child in New Orleans.

There are many problems with this. First, they are not taking into account the many other areas devastated by the hurricane, but mostly, the fact that the vast majority of this money goes to rebuilding infrastructure, something the right will intentionally fail to acknowledge and the ignorant will just be unaware of. A half a million dollars won’t even begin to start up an electric generating station, or repair broken and damaged electric and gas lines.

And, this is my problem; through a multitude of sins, the rich will attempt to delude the ignorant to benefit themselves. The irony is, just like the old bumper stickers from the 80’s said, “He who dies with the most toys, still dies!”

Those who might mistakenly believe I am jealous of this type of rich person, fail to see that I actually feel sorry for these people! There is nothing worse than to be on your deathbed, with only weeks, or months left in your life (A fate we will all someday experience!), and then, at that point, come to the realization that your values were fuct your whole life!

There are a few, probably several in a capitalist society, who will “be your friend”, or kiss your ass because of the perceived benefit they may attain through your relationship with them, be it monetary, social, or political, but the truth is a case of “birds of a feather”. Anyone that greedy and self-centered is really incapable of any kind of true, functional relationship and their lives and relationships are more symbiotic, much like a tick on a dog. So, how could anyone possibly envy, or be jealous of anyone like that?!

Machiavellian business philosophies are taught in business schools and I once had a friend ask me if I thought it was better to be loved, or feared. Without hesitation, I said it was better to be loved. Machiavelli felt it was better to be feared. This is a man who was so hated in his time, that today, no one even knows where he is buried, because upon his death, the people cut him up in small pieces and scattered him across the countryside.

Now I ask you, who on Earth would ever want to emulate this ass hole’s life? Yet, there are millions of “business people” in the country doing exactly that. Just not a life I wish to lead, nor one with any common sense would.

There are a few (Unfortunately, a vast minority!), rich people with a heart. These are people who realize that beyond one’s own comfort and freedom, the only thing money is good for, is to help others, to make the world a better place and hopefully leave a positive mark as their legacy. Because in the end, that is really all that’s left, and, that end is a lot sooner than you realize!

Chris Capp

“I try to be a warrior, like my heroes, and writing is just one blade on my Swiss Army Samurai Sword.” Ken Kesey

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