Attitude Is Everything In Life

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I met this woman here in Florida while taking a few days off from work. She’s from Atlanta originally and moved to Palm Beach a few years ago. She’s not wealthy, but she was at one time–she had a boat, a 4000 square foot house on a lake, private school for her kids, etc. In 2007, her husband lost his job and it took them two years to sell their house in Atlanta–which they finally sold at a loss. She told me her story based on what she had learned and how she had survived, not from the perspective of a victim who lost everything. Did I mention they lost everything?

So, in life, how does one person lose everything (except her husband and 2 kids) yet has a positive attitude, and another person has a small amount of difficulty and completely breaks down? What she experienced would have crumbled most people.

This woman was so remarkable. Her attitude, determination, and outlook was amazing. I asked her how she got through it and she said she knew it couldn’t last forever, and that while it was happening she just focused on what was important, accepted it, and went with the flow while trying to fix it. Relationships break up over far less and she and her husband stood by each other, strengthening each other instead of tearing each other down. She took whatever jobs she could find to bring in a portion of their monthly expenses, as did he, between job hunting. In short, they did the best they could, sold everything they owned before it was taken from them (or tried), and never considered walking away from their responsibilities.

Once they finally sold their house (at a loss), they moved to Florida where the potential for jobs was better for both of them, and moved when it was least disruptive to her kids, who are excelling in the new school. And then she said the most amazing thing: “my life is so much better now! It obviously was what I had to go through to get to this point in my life, and that’s worth everything we suffered.” They are rebuilding from their devastation in 2007.

Wow! Sort of puts it all in perspective, eh?

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