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Saw this quote in Respect Magazine and just had to share it. Benjamin Meadows-Ingram was interviewing Mannie Fresh back in February and asked him if he had any regrets about his career. Here’s Mannie’s response. Let’s ALL learn from his mistake:

Respect Mag: What do you regret?

Mannie Fresh: “The only thing I could say is homeboy business. I consider that a big failure. I really hate to say it. You want to put your trust in people, but ultimately you have to do your business right. It’s crazy that you can’t really feel like, You know what? You are a friend and we can do business. The evils of money can tear all that up. You always have to say, “The best thing for me to do is do my business right, and we can be friends after that.” When money comes, everybody is not cut the same.”

The full interview:

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