Why Are You So Damn Thirsty?

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By, Wendy Day

And by thirsty, I mean desperate.

Don’t you believe in yourself or your ability to succeed? I’m watching so many of you desperate new artists and producers beg industry people to put you on. You think that one good connection can catapult you to success, but that’s not how it works. Yet you email, tweet, beg, and spam like you’re actually doing something productive and putting in work. You’re getting ignored, blocked, and dissed, not discovered. And you’re stupid.

Is being stupid the new hustle? Is begging folks for your big chance somehow seen as grinding? I put in WORK to get where I am. I built my companies step by step. Not only do I not owe anyone anything, I’m probably the most forthcoming person out here with information who’s really experienced success. Yet you dumb ass wanna-be’s are constantly begging for a hook up, a chance, an opportunity to be a star.

You’re an idiot. And yes, I mean you.

Tonight I took a look at the Twitter and Instagram timelines of the top 5 fuckboys in the industry (and one is a female)! Those timelines were steady full of people begging them for an opportunity. Except that all of the folks those ass clowns are begging for help, have fucked over every single person or client they’ve ever done business with. Their business model isn’t to build success in the music industry–it’s to make money for themselves by taking it from anyone and anyplace they possibly can. They jerk their own parents, children, other family members, friends, associates, new artists, poor artists, desperate artists….and you’re lining up, begging to be their next victim. You are too STUPID to google them and research their shenanigans. You deserve what you get. Dumb ass.

I saw producers begging to give them tracks for free, designers and video/film makers trying to get work from people who are famous for never paying, rappers begging to sign to managers who’ve been fired by every artist who’s ever worked with them, and singers wanting to give up 100% of all their money just to sign for a little fame. How ugly is that!? Yes, I’m talking about you. You’re desperate, and desperate never works out well. It’s a position of weakness in a world where positions of strength are what attract money and success.

Or maybe your one of those clowns who found some job in the industry and spends more time talking about what you’re GOING to do instead of what you’ve accomplished. Except that you haven’t accomplished anything except weaseling your way in front of people who have, to ask for favors, better jobs, or money. Instead of doing the actual work to get established and stand out, your job is posting up at every industry event and being seen at every hot club that matters. You’re an artful dresser who pretends to be working in the industry but your time is spent being seen by those you think matter, like any good clown in a circus distracting attention to divert it to themselves, trying to land your next meal ticket.

I know I’m pissing you off right now, because you know you haven’t taken the time to learn how this industry really works. You’ve just assumed you know, and formulated ridiculous tactics that only exposes your ignorance, weaknesses, and desperation for attention. And then you wake up one day, ten years later, with nothing to show for your efforts except bitterness and bile for those who actually learned how to succeed, and did. And you become the worst kind of hater there is: an old and bitter one with nothing to show for all the wasted time. So you waste more time downing everyone and everything, bitter old fool.

I’m talking to you.

You confuse fame with success, drawn in by every reality show star or famous prostitute, thinking THAT leads to money and success vying for your own shot at stardom. You’re blind to the fact that most reality stars and people famous for nothing (no skill) are actually broke. Recognizable, but broke. That’s what you want? Is your ego so frail and you’re so insecure that you need to be publicly recognized by strangers? Ugh. Or are you actually dumb enough to believe fame turns into money?! Then why are you social climbing amongst famous people, name dropping the latest star you brushed against?

You’re clueless and fake, and you stand for nothing as you jump from person to person, camp to camp, opportunity to opportunity trying to find your “in.” Well, your “in” is called building a fanbase, and you do that by exhibiting some talent, attracting fans, and engaging with them to keep them interested in you. This means you need some talent, decent music, some people skills and charisma, and enough sense to know what your doing. And a budget to market and promote yourself would be helpful, too.

But keep begging folks for help who either can’t help you or would rather screw you over and profit off you. Don’t bother learning who’s who or investigating their legitimacy. Forget putting in work and building a strong, experienced team to propel your career forward. Keep begging and spamming folks who don’t know or care if you live or die. Keep believing the hype.

After all, what have you got to lose besides everything? Idiot.

Yeah, I mean you.

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