Paste Magazine’s Interview With Steve Stoute – 7/9/14

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From Steve Stoute’s interview in Paste Magazine, the night before the Emmy Awards, speaking about the Emmy nomination of VH-1’s The Tanning Of America documentary that he executive produced:

Although the culture continues to soar, there are still problematic aspects. Women are barely visible (or, primarily visible in some troubling ways). But, admittedly, things are shifting for women in rap, with the popularity of Nicky Minaj, Iggy Azalea, and the growing fan base for artists like Angel Haze and Azealia Banks. Stoute and I talk a bit about a section in his book titled, “It Takes A Woman” (on Sylvia Robinson and Sugar Hill Records), and women behind the scenes who get far less credit than what is due.

“There could always be more women, but there are a lot more women than you think,” he offers. “ Sylvia Rhone and Mona Scott-Young helped build one of the great management companies, and [Scott-Young] is a TV executive.” He goes on to sing the praises of Wendy Day, the woman behind the Rap Coalition.

“In the late ‘80s, early ‘90s, she was the only person going down to the South and bringing music to record companies in New York,” he says of the hip-hop pioneer. “She brought me Cash Money [Records] five years before anyone even heard of them! She was always ahead of it, but never got the credit.” The CEO also acknowledges Mariah Carey—who appears throughout the VH1 docu-series—and “did so much for hip-hop by allowing artists to collaborate on her records.” He can’t help but bust out into the classic ODB line, singing, “Me and Mariii-ah, go back like babies and pacifiers!”

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