An Artist. By, Bob Lefsetz

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Never does what’s expedient.

Worries about money, but never makes it paramount.

Is jealous of others’ success, but puts his head down and keeps working.

Knows when he strikes a chord, knows when he gets it right. Look for this resonance, this inner light. When you’ve achieved it, you’ll get an inner smile.

Knows a career is a journey and you learn through experience.


Lives in the world of discomfort.

Challenges himself.

Knows that love is the answer, but is sometimes poisoned by hate.

Wants a wide audience more than he wants riches.

Knows not to listen to anybody but himself. Stories in the press are inaccurate, and everyone’s an individual, on his own journey.

Plays to his strengths, not his weaknesses. Focuses on what he does right, not what he does wrong.

Is rarely good at anything else.

Dies inside when he is not creating.

Questions himself constantly, he not ever thinking of giving up is delusional.

Knows he needs suits, but is reluctant to listen to them on creative/career matters.

Feels more deeply than the average person.

Gets in touch with his inner tuning fork such that others may resonate.

Is afraid of overloading his audience but desires to overload them. This is an unending conundrum.

Is willing to destroy what he’s created in order to move forward.

Knows that there are charts and awards but it’s really not a competition.

Knows beauty.

Is a communicator.

Is riddled with feelings of inadequacy. When an artist boasts he is usually covering up insecurity.

Needs approval.

Wants fame and fortune, but wouldn’t know how to live with either if he got them.

Feels pain.

Knows that the medium may be the message, but the medium keeps changing.

Is busy being born, otherwise he’s dying.

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