Taylor Swift Obviously Kissed & Made Up With Apple

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By, Wendy Day

No Friggin’ way! This is hilarious. Hil. Lair. Ee. Us. http://bit.ly/1RHpgH9

Apple Music’s newest ad shows Taylor Swift running on a treadmill–she pulls up the #Gymflow playlist, taps on Jumpman (Future and Drake), and begins singing along. And with one wild hand gesture, down she goes. She falls on the ground, but keeps singing along to the song! It’s a riot. Very worth watching.

Here’s how the ad dropped with perfect symmetry and marketing precision: last Friday, Swift posted the minute long video on her Instagram feed, ironically, the same day Instagram increased the time allowed for a video post from 30 seconds to a minute. Taylor Swift has 73 million followers on Instagram, and if they set their notifications as prompted last week due to the changes on IG, they were all notified when the video hit.

It doesn’t stop there. The video (ad) was then pushed to Taylor’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, to be watched over #7 million times and retweeted 68,000 times. Then immediately after that, the video was published to Apple Music’s social pages. Over the weekend, the commercial made its television debut during the Final Four basketball finals.

In less than a week, since going live, Jumpman sales have increased 431% and the plays for Apple Music’s curated #gymflow is up 325%. It seems now that audiences are spread out across multiple platforms, reaching them takes coordinated and well planned marketing efforts. I also can’t help notice that Apple’s newest campaign benefitted Drake, Future, and Taylor Swift’s careers–two of which are signed to Universal, the same parent company that previously employed Jimmy Iovine. Nice to have someone on the inside…

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