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March 29, 2021


By, Bob Lefsetz Reprinted from Speak from the heart, not the head. Go with what feels right. The more you think about it, the greater the chance you’re sacrificing your authenticity. You can play to the audience or yourself. The audience changes, you don’t. Either draw people to you for who you truly are, […]

Tik Tok Shut Down/Sale

August 3, 2020


By, Bob Lefsetz This is a music business issue. Despite the corroded infrastructure of the twentieth first century music business, based on terrestrial radio and a small number of top of the chart records, the best way to reach the target demo, the youth of today, with music, both old and new, is TikTok. We […]

Daniel Ek On Streaming Royalties

August 2, 2020


By, Bob Lefsetz “There is a narrative fallacy here, combined with the fact that, obviously, some artists that used to do well in the past may not do well in this future landscape, where you can’t record music once every three to four years and think that’s going to be enough. The artists today that […]

Reasons To Use A Social Media Posting Calendar By, Wendy Day

April 2, 2020


We are being challenged like never before, both in our professional lives and our personal lives. This is where we either pivot or perish. It’s a absolutely a pivotal moment in our industry and around the world. We need to react with a plan. Many have been comforted and inspired by so many of us […]

11 Things Artists Need to Know to Break in the Music Business

February 26, 2020


Entrepreneur and author Wendy Day breaks down 11 things artists need to know to get started in the music business. Wendy Day, Feb 17, 2020Reprinted from Photo Credit: S_K_ The music industry can be a lot of fun. If you do it right, you can achieve the dream of fame. However, there are also […]

On The Road With Pigface: Tour Management Students Take The Ride Of Their Lives

January 27, 2020


In this piece, rap music industry veteran Wendy Day recounts her experience taking eleven music business students on a sixteen day, sixteen city tour with industrial rock supergroup Pigface. Guest post by Wendy Day, Founder of Rap Coalition, PowerMoves, Artist-Centric, and SlavesNoMore After 27 years working in the rap music business, it’s hard to find […]

Hip-Hop Business Expert Wendy Day Launches ‘20/20 Vision’ Daily Video Series

January 10, 2020


Wendy Day, an entrepreneur, author, and artist manager with nearly three decades of experience in the music industry, is kicking off the 2020s with 31 days of valuable music business advice for hip-hop artists. On January 1, Wendy posted the first episode of “20/20 Vision,” a video series consisting of one post per day that […]

Top Business Books Of The Decade (2010 To 2019)

December 24, 2019


With the decade coming to close, Wendy Day shares a list of some of the best, most instructive, business – and music business – books to come out of the past ten years. —- Guest post at by Wendy Day, Founder of Rap Coalition, PowerMoves, Artist-Centric, and SlavesNoMore I read a lot. When I’m […]

Lil Nas X Lessons

September 13, 2019


By, Bob Lefsetz EMBRACE NEW PLATFORMS The younger generation is online all the time…how else will they connect with their peers? And the younger generation is all about new platforms. Oldsters are on Facebook, you can’t find anybody under twenty who uses that platform. So take the temperature of the younger set, see where they […]

Ed Sheeran Gets 70 Million Monthly Listeners on Spotify Thanks To 800+ Playlists

July 19, 2019


By, Wendy Day (@RapCoalition on IG) On July 12th, Ed Sheeran dropped a collaboration album with a variety of established artists such as Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, PnB Rock, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton, Camila Cabello, Khalid, Stomzy, Yebba, Young Thug, Cardi B, Travis Scott, Eminem, 50 Cent, H.E.R., A Boogie, Skrillex, Ella Mai, and […]