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Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!! By Wendy Day

May 13, 2018 by


Born in 1930, my Mom grew up an only child to a Widow, therefore she was a latchkey kid in the 1940s when it was almost unheard of to be raised in a single parent household. My Grandmother was an entrepreneur—she owned a retail store so my Mom was home alone daily until about 9pm […]

The Attention Economy

March 31, 2018 by


By Bob Lefsetz NEVER PROMOTE BEFORE AVAILABILITY You’re lucky if someone’s noticed, if they’re aware of what you’re advertising/promoting, in a world of endless messages once you’ve got someone hooked you need to allow them to click through freely to purchase/experience your wares, this is why Amazon introduced One Click shopping. You want to reduce […]

The Product Is Not Enough. By Bob Lefsetz

January 25, 2018 by


If you build it they will not come. Your challenge is getting noticed. So you may be sitting at home, in your beautiful house, with your beautiful wife, asking me…DIDN’T YOU SAY JUST THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE? Yes, in the last decade. Things changed. Bob Dylan sang about that, but no one seems to realize the […]

The New Paradigm. By, Bob Lefsetz

November 8, 2017 by


Sales are done. If you want to sell merch at your gig, your best item is vinyl, since it can’t be replicated digitally. People don’t need turntables to play it, many don’t play it at all. It’s a SOUVENIR! From now on think of physical items as souvenirs, not as music. We live in an […]

Old/Young. By, Bob Lefsetz

October 24, 2017 by


OLD Believes in the album. YOUNG Believes in the single. It’s all about the track, if you like something you go deeper, it’s about a body of work, click on an act in Spotify and you find what’s most popular and you check that out, assuming you care, and many people don’t, especially in hip-hop, […]

The Leaders Of The New School of Rap

September 5, 2017 by


By, Wendy Day The recent successes of streaming and sales are proving the popularity of the new wave of rap music even after years of my generation claiming hip hop is dead and clowning the new generation of artists. While I’m not one to say “I told you so,” I will say that I continue […]

Logic. By, Bob Lefsetz

August 24, 2017 by


Just when I thought the Soho House was jive… I went for a meeting with a Canadian. That was what the Soho House was pitched as, a home away from home, a place you could do business when you were on the road. But then Soho House came to L.A. And after the usual suspects […]