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Hedge Fund’s Route to 30% Fees: Cash Advances to Hip-Hop Artists

April 2, 2019 by


Miles Weiss ::April 2, 2019, 6:00 AM EDT :: Bloomberg News Stephen Marley comes from music royalty. Sean Garrett has written and produced smash hits for Beyoncé, Usher and Ciara. Even so, when they and hundreds of lesser-known names in the world of hip-hop and rap needed cash, one Wall Street figure emerged as an […]

Streaming Income (2019)

February 24, 2019 by


Here’s the most recent, and accurate, data that I’ve seen on streaming income: While I hear many artists, musicians, and rappers complain about the low pay out for streaming, I have seen many smaller regional artists make $20,000+ in streaming income (but it takes marketing and promotions money plus hard work). They are doing […]

The State Of Stardom

January 29, 2019 by


By, Bob Lefsetz Everybody does not know your name. No one is as big as they used to be in the pre-internet era. No one reaches everybody, no one is known by everybody, never have individual stars meant less. Platforms are the stars, from Spotify to Facebook to Amazon. You can be famous and broke. […]

2018 Statistics :: Hip Hop

January 9, 2019 by


By, Wendy Day For the second year in a row, overall music consumption growth was up double digits. 2018’s total music consumption showed a 16.2% increase over 2017, which was a 12.8% growth over 2016. On-demand streaming fueled the growth in both years. In 2018, hip hop dominated streaming by accounting for a quarter of […]

2018-What We Learned-Part One

December 22, 2018 by


By, Bob Lefsetz THE RICH GET RICHER AND THE POOR GET POORER This is what the internet has wrought, people flock to the popular. In a sea of chaos, you migrate to what is anointed. Therefore, Drake rules and your rock band is unknown. For those not rich it’s important to do an attitudinal reset. […]

Myopia By, Bob Lefsetz

December 7, 2018 by


The music business should be much bigger than it is. But the old guard running on fumes is running on self-interest and there’s no vision. Usually we rely on artists for vision, but as a result of income inequality the best an the brightest don’t go into music and the “artists” we do have are […]

What Is A Hit? Reposted from Bob Lefsetz

November 5, 2018 by


A hit is something you can’t get out of your head, that you have to play again and again. In the old days it meant twisting the radio dial till you could hear it, or running to the record store to buy it, now it involves going online to stream it. A hit may or […]

The Post Hit Era (Reposted From Bob Lefsetz)

November 3, 2018 by


You’re now a musician. Ignore the hit parade. Spotify Top 50 is a miniscule cult. Yours might be even tinier but own it. If you believe you’re on the road to stardom, get out of the car right now, because that’s not how we play it these days. You can set yourself on fire and […]

Pandora Data Unlocked. By Dan Wissinger

September 29, 2018 by


Dan Wissinger Sep 27 Next Big Sound Brings Pandora Data to Light Have you ever wondered how an artist’s content has been performing on Pandora but couldn’t find the data you were looking for? Up until recently, Pandora data was only visible to an artist and their manager and label. In an industry where stream […]

Dropping A New Song. By Wendy Day

September 24, 2018 by


I am asked all the time why some of my projects do better than artists with more experience, or more talent, or more money invested. I’m not sure why, but here’s what we do for every release whether it’s a song, video, or whole project. Of course the things we choose to do change depending […]