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Streaming Income

September 13, 2016 by


By, Wendy Day Six months ago, on this blog, I wrote an article about streaming that showed how much a new independent rapper was earning from streaming ( Here are the streaming income figures five months later: Single streams: Apple Music — 0.005103035 per stream — 196 streams=$1.00 Aspiro — 0.001676301 per stream — 597 […]

A Necessary Business Plan (For Your Career)

August 4, 2016 by


By, Wendy Day A business plan is a necessary tool for anyone starting a business or anyone planning to make money with their music (selling music, performing, selling merchandise). It forces you to think about how to succeed, how to move forward, what that will cost, what obstacles you might hit and how to overcome […]

Building Financial Success With Music

July 2, 2016 by


By, Wendy Day You’re an artist, so you understand this: you took hours, days, possibly even weeks or months to create the perfect song. It’s your best ever. Ever! You post it online and it gets no reaction, or little reaction, or reaction only from your friends and family. Basically, it tanks. You blame the […]

Paste Magazine’s Interview With Steve Stoute – 7/9/14

July 10, 2014 by


From Steve Stoute’s interview in Paste Magazine, the night before the Emmy Awards, speaking about the Emmy nomination of VH-1’s The Tanning Of America documentary that he executive produced: Although the culture continues to soar, there are still problematic aspects. Women are barely visible (or, primarily visible in some troubling ways). But, admittedly, things are […]

Wendy Day’s Most Valuable Article About Securing Radio Play

March 5, 2013 by


By, Wendy Day ( music industry how-to site coming soon…) Before you read this article, please make sure you’ve already read this primer: about the basics of securing radio spins. Radio is still the most misunderstood aspect of this industry. I see people lose tens of thousands of dollars constantly in this industry because […]

Email Newsletters

November 2, 2011 by


I just received a great newsletter by email from Speech at Arrested Development. ( I yack endlessly about the necessity of interacting and updating your fans one on one, regularly. Not only do you need to stand out, but you need to update your busy fans about what you have going on. And you need […]

The Aging of Hip Hop

September 27, 2011 by


Hip Hop is aging. I don’t mean the artform, I mean our favorite rappers, fans, and consumers. The marketplace is aging. We spend less money on music, music magazines, concerts, clubs, merchandise, etc, yet have become exceptionally more opinionated on the quality of what’s available to us. Have we become our parents? The average age […]