My name is Wendy Day and I am a workaholic in the urban music industry.  In 1992, I started a not-for-profit artists’ advocacy organization to protect, educate, support, and unify hip hop artists.  Our focus is on ownership, control, and fair deals.  It is time for Hip Hop artists to take back control of their own art form.  But this Blog is where I get to spew random thoughts about life…a bit of a respite from the 20 hours a day I spend fighting for what’s right for artists, producers, and DJs.

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  1. What a great read! I must say that I dont come across these kind of articles anymore.

  2. I love you Wendy Day!!
    Christie Z

  3. what great read from Wendy.. I learn more and everyday that I read a article by Wendy.
    Thank you Wendy for teaching me and for sharing your knowledge, I greatly apperciate it…

  4. Thank you, Wendy, for an awesome blog full of great information and perspective.


  5. Julian Jue Love

    April 24, 2013

    Truly inspiring!! I just wanna learn more.


  6. Julian Jue Love

    April 29, 2013

    I would really like get a job at a label or just on the industry period to get some good experience. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Volunteer at a company that is successfully doing whatever it is you want to be doing. Learn as much as you can. Meet & network with people….


  7. missripplez

    July 8, 2013

    You probably hear this a lot but I learn a whole lot from you. I’ve barely scratched the surface in Music Business but I’m loving the challenge. Thank you for this blog!

  8. Do you have banner ad rates for this site?

  9. I’m a upcoming artist, and I would like to work with you to put my music on the forefront of the music industry, can you help me in anyway or offer some advice.

    here is a sample of my music..



  10. adrian crowder

    April 14, 2015

    Hi MS.day I’m Adrian Crowder I wonder if you could help me become a comedian I’ve always been a funny guy I’m funny I can sing and dance. My school teacher Mr.Muhammad at south Atlanta high school told our class about you and your service’s Ms.Wendy day your awesome, Please help me.

  11. I love your blogs and I’m interested in having you work closely with my son. However, we’re in no way rich and can’t afford to be ripped off any further, no pun intended. He’s very intelligent and talented, and has diligently worked solo to build himself and his brand to the level he has. But, he’s reached his peak, in my opinion, and now must reach out to those more familiar with the road he’s attempting to trod.

    I don’t know what specifically you can do for him, if anything. Nonetheless, I know that being in touch with you will be beneficial no doubt. I don’t believe in happenstance! So, God led me to you for a reason… Can we talk?

  12. This is pretty cool

  13. Wendy Day you are truly speaking the words in my power debates to young and old dummies. I would appreciate a correspondence with you to forward prospects of other possibilities.
    Please check out our official website and connect with us.

  14. Thanks for hitting me up Ms.wendy day if you could help me get out into the word or my music that would be great and I would love to work alongside your son thanks for a great opportunity


  15. Howard Hancox

    January 15, 2016

    Wendy. Love the article. I came across it while looking for a place to report a scam. Some guy claiming to be Lenny S. from Def Jam. “Go to Wal-Mart and send $1200 to the promoter and I will get you in the tour with T.I.” We did our due diligence and discovered it. Still disappointed though. I wanted to ask how you would recommend finding someone legit to work with. Be it management, or simple guidance. You said you would “fix” other people’s mess ups. What is it YOU do? Just curious. Thanks for the blog. Very useful

  16. As an artist, I most definitely appreciate it!


  17. Raymond Rodriguez

    September 10, 2019

    Music news updates and information

  18. Amazing show at the summit today


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