10 Things Artists Must Have To Succeed Today In The Music Business

July 21, 2016


By, Wendy Day from Rap Coalition (RapCoalition.org) and PowerMoves (HelpfulAngel.com) [written for @NARIPatlanta Indie Label event on 7/20/16] There are many things an artist must have to succeed, and then there are a few things that will make life easier. Today, I am focusing on the necessities. We all know the music business is currently […]

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Building Financial Success With Music

July 2, 2016


By, Wendy Day You’re an artist, so you understand this: you took hours, days, possibly even weeks or months to create the perfect song. It’s your best ever. Ever! You post it online and it gets no reaction, or little reaction, or reaction only from your friends and family. Basically, it tanks. You blame the […]

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Lemonade Views

May 5, 2016


By, Wendy Day I’m loving the new music business. My clients are having fun, building their fan bases directly, and making money. What’s not to love?! As a student of the industry, never before have we had so much access to data and research (I used to put out music based on my feelings and […]

Marketing Yourself As An Artist

May 5, 2016


By, Wendy Day Marketing is the overall image and awareness that is put forth by your brand as you advertise, promote, do interviews and basically spread the word about your music (which is your product). You need to know exactly who will buy your music, and tailor your marketing campaign to them. The best method […]

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Truth Bomb. By, Wendy Day

May 1, 2016


What is the HARDEST part of the music business? #HardQuestions I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make sharing information about the music business easier to follow, and easier to understand. And while I probably shouldn’t, because if an artist REALLY wants this, he or she will put in the necessary time and commitment […]

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Taylor Swift Obviously Kissed & Made Up With Apple

April 7, 2016


By, Wendy Day No Friggin’ way! This is hilarious. Hil. Lair. Ee. Us. http://bit.ly/1RHpgH9 Apple Music’s newest ad shows Taylor Swift running on a treadmill–she pulls up the #Gymflow playlist, taps on Jumpman (Future and Drake), and begins singing along. And with one wild hand gesture, down she goes. She falls on the ground, but […]

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MC Till Newsletter

April 5, 2016


I read this very thought provoking newsletter from rapper MC Till last month about how hip hop needs to grow up, or better said, capitalism needs to grow up. I love what Till had to say, and felt compelled to add to it. Anyway, here’s MC Till’s excellent newsletter editorial, followed below by my response […]

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