Taylor Swift Obviously Kissed & Made Up With Apple

April 7, 2016


By, Wendy Day No Friggin’ way! This is hilarious. Hil. Lair. Ee. Us. http://bit.ly/1RHpgH9 Apple Music’s newest ad shows Taylor Swift running on a treadmill–she pulls up the #Gymflow playlist, taps on Jumpman (Future and Drake), and begins singing along. And with one wild hand gesture, down she goes. She falls on the ground, but […]

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MC Till Newsletter

April 5, 2016


I read this very thought provoking newsletter from rapper MC Till last month about how hip hop needs to grow up, or better said, capitalism needs to grow up. I love what Till had to say, and felt compelled to add to it. Anyway, here’s MC Till’s excellent newsletter editorial, followed below by my response […]

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More Attention by, Bob Lefsetz

April 2, 2016


START SMALL Big time publicity is for big time acts. Not only will most major outlets not cover you, if they do, people will think you’re a hype. Better to start small and hit singles rather than home runs, better to activate a core fan base than try to reach everybody, better to take risks […]

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Music Sales, 2006 to 2015

March 26, 2016


Overall, physical sales have declined while digital sales have increased. Β Most recently, streaming music has increased while ownership of digital downloads has declined. The early adopters and influencers in music have been streaming music since Spotify entered the US market in 2011. Β Some of us have been streaming via Spotify in Europe since earlier than […]

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Pop Music By, Bob Lefsetz

March 25, 2016


It’s a producer’s medium. Howard’s on vacation and I’ve been sampling the Pulse on Sirius XM and what stuns me is how the songs all sound alike. They’re peppered with a zillion hooks and the voices are interchangeable. Welcome to 2016. Wherein the youngsters get it and the oldsters are scratching their heads. Whilst the […]

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The Realities of Streaming Music For Artists

March 25, 2016


By, Wendy Day I saw that Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, tweeted earlier this week that Spotify now has 30 million subscribers (as of March 2016). So curiosity had me do a quick Google search to learn that: -Apple Music has 10 million paid subscribers (January 2016), -Rhapsody has 3.4 million paid subscribers (December 2015), […]

The State Of The Music Industry In 2015

March 23, 2016


By, Wendy Day The US recorded music market grew almost 1% last year (2015). But the real news is that paid-subscription streaming income increased 52.3% to $1.22 billion. There were almost 11 million paid subscribers for streaming services in the US. To put that into perspective in the realm of all entertainment, estimates put Netflix’s […]