Streaming Competition

September 23, 2016


By, Wendy Day For the past 5 years, music industry pundits (including me) have been talking about how streaming will take over the way people listen to music. It was common sense really; why spend a dollar on owning one song that sucks up memory and bandwidth, when for $10 per month almost every song […]

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September 20, 2016


By, Wendy Day A copyright is the proof of ownership that a songwriter, beat maker, or writer secures through the US Government as proof that they wrote and own a song or a portion of a song. It’s a filing that occurs via (or print the forms and file through the mail, if you […]

Finding A Manager By, Wendy Day

September 18, 2016


In order to find an experienced, well-connected manager, you will need to stand out from all of the other rappers, singers, producers, and songwriters. You will need to have a buzz and a movement that someone who does this for a living can help monetize. Managers earn 20% of your income, and 20% of nothing […]

Stream-Ripping By, Bob Lefsetz

September 13, 2016


“IFPI Makes Stream-Ripping Latest Front In YouTube Row”: The CD killed home taping. Did you really want to spend all that time making an inferior copy when the original sounded so much better? Of course not. Never mind that CDs were vastly overpriced, didn’t compensate creators for said increase and singles were cut from […]

Streaming Income

September 13, 2016


By, Wendy Day Six months ago, on this blog, I wrote an article about streaming that showed how much a new independent rapper was earning from streaming ( Here are the streaming income figures five months later: Single streams: Apple Music — 0.005103035 per stream — 196 streams=$1.00 Aspiro — 0.001676301 per stream — 597 […]

50 Things You May Want To Do To Be A Rapper

August 4, 2016


By, Wendy Day I understand. You want to be a famous rapper. Maybe it’s because you love hip hop culture and want to show your skill. Or maybe it’s because you want to make a ton of money and feed your family. Maybe you just want to be famous, adored by millions of fans, and/or […]

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A Necessary Business Plan (For Your Career)

August 4, 2016


By, Wendy Day A business plan is a necessary tool for anyone starting a business or anyone planning to make money with their music (selling music, performing, selling merchandise). It forces you to think about how to succeed, how to move forward, what that will cost, what obstacles you might hit and how to overcome […]

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