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Publishing Basics And Getting To The Money

August 12, 2017


This article originally appeared at Wendy Day is a label consultant who helps build successful careers for independent artists and record labels, teaching them how to make money with music and be profitable in today’s music business. As a 25-year veteran of the music industry who has managed to do the impossible and remain […]

Comparing Mediabase Charts By, Bob Lefsetz

August 11, 2017


TOP 40 Let’s start with #2, since #1, “Despacito,” is a phenomenon. #2 is Shawn Mendes‘s “There’s Nothing Holding Me Back,” with 17,750 spins. The Vevo video launched June 20th has 111,761,095 views and the lyric video from June 21 has 9,217,720 more. On Spotify, the track has 301,709,142 streams. ACTIVE ROCK Foo Fighters‘ “Run” […]

How To Promote If You’ve Had A Hit. By, Bob Lefsetz

August 2, 2017


STAY IN THE MARKETPLACE Mystery is history. Remove yourself from the scene and you’re forgotten. Your number one concern is satiating your fans. You do this by giving them news updates and new music. Music is primarily one-offs on YouTube and Soundcloud. An acoustic cover of a new hit or a classic can work wonders, […]

Game Of Throne Hack. By, Bob Lefsetz

August 1, 2017


It’s an outdated business model. Pirates stole a Netflix show and the majordomos shrugged and said all episodes were available online, no biggie. And it wasn’t. You don’t fight pirates. You fight their business model! Which is why you never hear about P2P in the age of streaming. Scour the internet for files that take […]

The Room Where It Happens. By, Bob Lefsetz

July 21, 2017


Those people you hate, you’d like in real life. David Brooks is a right-leaning columnist for the “New York Times.” But recently his columns have focused on social more than political science. He digs down deep into the archives of history to make points about today. That’s a result of his education at the University […]

Word Of Mouth Economy. By, Bob Lefsetz

July 20, 2017


Netflix added 5.2 million subscribers in the last quarter, their biggest increase ever in their slowest period. It’s the programming stupid! Now when a new show comes out there are reviews. But this is not like a film, where you can go and digest it in two hours. Most of Netflix’s series require ten hours […]

RapCaviar By, Bob Lefsetz

June 29, 2017

0 Is driving the culture. It’s more important than radio. It’s where rap records get started, and rap rules America. How did this happen? MILLENNIALS! The pooh-poohed generation has taken over. They threw a monkey wrench into the British election and they’re skewing music listening. This is the way it always happens. Just when you […]