Streaming Income (2019)

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Here’s the most recent, and accurate, data that I’ve seen on streaming income:


While I hear many artists, musicians, and rappers complain about the low pay out for streaming, I have seen many smaller regional artists make $20,000+ in streaming income (but it takes marketing and promotions money plus hard work). They are doing the independent artist grind.

One of the reasons I’m such a fierce advocate for artists staying independent is because when they are signed to a label, they often only get 12-18% of this already low streaming income AFTER they recoup (and recoupment comes out of the artist’s share, not off the top of all income). Most artists never recoup.

Having said that, if an artist has enough music that is streaming in the marketplace, and is marketed and promoted properly, they can also get show money (performance income) and income from merchandise. This is an industry where volume matters, so the artists with the biggest fan bases can ultimately survive. The others need to supplement their income in other ways.

The real kick in the pants for most artists is finding the $150k to $500k that it often takes to market and promote themselves successfully to get to the point of making a living.

Almost all of my clients are eventually able to support themselves but it takes money, marketable music (and image), and a lot of work. In fact, they have to outwork the competition. If an artist loves making music to the point of not wanting to do anything else, there isn’t much choice. They have to succeed. Those are the ones who usually do succeed. But at what cost…

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