Reasons To Use A Social Media Posting Calendar By, Wendy Day

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We are being challenged like never before, both in our professional lives and our personal lives. This is where we either pivot or perish. It’s a absolutely a pivotal moment in our industry and around the world.

We need to react with a plan.

Many have been comforted and inspired by so many of us in the entertainment industry sharing our talents with the rest of the world. It’s had a calming and unifying effect. I’m seeing emails from many major corporations who are donating money to help people in this time of need, or services to help them continue making money. It’s comforting.

For artists, we need to keep releasing music and we need to keep releasing content. This means we also must take the time to keep posting on our social media accounts as well as engaging with our followers who comment. In the best of times, this would be a full-time job. It’s certainly a full time job now.

Following this guideline will save you time and keep you in the front of your fans’ minds when we get back to normal—or whatever the new normal is.

  • Let your fans get to know you and your team. Post a fun fact about your manager or your booking agent
  • Introduce a theme each day of the week for example #NewMusicMonday could include creating a Spotify or an Apple Music playlist that is updated weekly. You could ask your fans for songs they’d like to see added to your playlist.
  • Ask your fans to share selfies that relate to your music, pictures they took at one of your shows, or videos that they’ve made to one of your songs. If the reaction is good you can turn this into a contest and award prize for the best submission.
  • Take this opportunity to show your fans who you are and what you’re doing during this time you’re spending at home. Are you cooking? Are you working on a project? Share yourself with your audience.
  • If you’re cooking at home, share the recipe. If you suck at cooking, ask for recipes and film yourself cooking one of the recipes.
  • Go live. And remember you have more than one social media platform. There’s Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube where you can go live.
  • Can you do short interviews on Instagram live with your favorite fans asking the questions live?
  • Can you do an interview with another artist or DJ that you admire?
  • People love contests. Have a trivia night with one posted question and have followers put their answers in the comments (or do a FB/IG Live), then pick a winner and award them $50 on Cash app and cash app them on Live, too.
  • What are you watching? Ask people to share their favorite TV shows or movies. What have they watched lately?
  • Choose a viral Netflix show that everyone is watching, for example Tiger King and create a post with discussion questions that your fans can comment on
  • Perform live from your living room.

When posting, remember consistency is king. Be sure to let people know what your posting schedule is and stick to it. If you’re going live with your DJ set Friday at 8:00pm, post every Friday at 8:00pm. Your fans want content and wants to know when you’ll be posting.

Don’t make this harder than it needs to be. Their smart phone apps like Swag, Adobe Spark Post and InShot for create images quickly and easily on your phone or tablet. Make sure you plan your posts ahead of time. Create a social media calendar to plan your content at least two weeks ahead. This allows you and your team to prepare content ahead of time, and allows for flexibility as the pandemic situation changes. Make a calendar and stick to it. Here’s a sample that I found online and altered slightly:

  • Music Mondays (post your playlist and ask for follower playlist recommendations)
  • Trivia Tuesdays (play together, Facebook Live or one post and pick a winner)
  • We Home Wednesdays (share recipes, go live and cook at home, share videos)
  • Throwback Thursday (post selfies from past shows)
  • Live Fridays (perform)
  • Small Screen Saturdays (Watching the same Netflix shows we are? Let’s watch and chat!)

Remember the main idea during this time is that we’re all in this together and people want something to do. They’re bored and a little scared. Make sure your posts fit this mood to reassure them and keep them entertained. You can be a friend that helped him through a difficult time or you can be someone they didn’t hear from for months. It’s your choice.

Don’t kill your algorithm-based reach and disappear from your fans and followers. If you do, it will be a lot tougher to regain organic reach and rebuild your traffic.

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